Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm going to call my kids Ctrl, Alt and Delete. Then if they mess up I will just hit them all at once.

I'm always at a loss concerning what to eat for breakfast. Sometimes I get it right though...

I made French Toast! I used 100% Whole Wheat Bakery Light bread, one egg and one egg white to make this. And way more cinnamon than necessary, because I love cinnamon. I made three pieces but put the other two away for later.
I cut up a granny smith apple and put some on top of my french toast... with peanut butter, honey and more cinnamon.

om nom nom

A little while later I went for a run. I did a lot of intervals (3 minute jog, 2 minute sprint, 2 minute walk etc...) and I stayed out for about 35 minutes.

Lunch was a bowl of barf AHHHHHH!!!!

No, I'm kidding of course.  I tried the Progresso Light Zesty Santa Fe Style Chicken again and I loved it!
and I couldn't resist doing this!

sillyface. I got semi-dolled up to go to Sportime with Johnny (<3) during his lunch break sooo... there ya' go.
We went to some Pizza place, and since I wasn't terrible hungry I got a bottle of  diet Stewart's cream soda. (Picture found on the internet because I didn't have my camera). 

On my way home I stopped at Starbucks and got a nonfat banana chocolate smoothie with two shots of espresso:

Dinner was some Annie's Shells & Real Aged Cheddar with some grilled chicken and mixed veggies.

It was so so so so amazing. My sister (Lauren) always makes fun of me for drowning everything I eat in veggies but she thought this dish was amazing. 
Lauren made chili inside Grand Biscuits, and mini hot dogs inside Grand Biscuits so I couldn't resist having some..

I split the chili-thing with Lauren and scarfed the hot dog thing. And then I ate two more hot dog things, oops.
I felt like having dessert so I made a bowl of Vanilla bean ice cream, with caramel sauce and whipped cream.

I took about two bites and gave the rest to my Dad.

When you get an intense craving for something specific, do you try to substitute with something you feel is healthier or do you give in and eat exactly what you want?

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  1. I always eat exactly what I want. Because if I don't, I know I'll still be craving it later. I try to eat a small portion of it and that usually satisfies my craving.

    You look so pretty in that picture!! Hope you had fun with Johnny!! <3

    I love the title of this post btw.

    ps Thursday seems like it's going to be a go. Text me when you read this!!! :-)