Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm going drunken sledding. Minus the snow and sledding part.

I'm running out of 'interesting' ways to start my posts... bleh.
Breakfast was going to be a repeat of yesterday, and I started off well:

(rolled oats, mashed banana, pumpkin puree, peanut butter, honey, a spoonful of flaxseed, cinnamon)

I actually only had a few spoonfuls and then tossed the rest. I don't know if I added too much pumpkin or something but I just wasn't feeling it.

I did level 2 of the 30 Day Shred
and then had a different breakfast:

Last nights leftover pizza. Amazing even when re-heated.

Lunch was this:

(Turkey breast with tomato, broccoli, and baby spinach, topped with ranch and artichoke hummus)
I'm not going to lie, I ate about half of this sandwich and wanted to barf. I think it was the ranch.

I decided to try level 3 of the 30 Day shred because I'm a masochist, I guess.
That video, much like Teatown, is no joke. I routinely do very intense workouts, and when this video was done I laid on the floor and did not get up for a few minutes. I thought I died. BUT I feel very accomplished soo thank you *takes bow*.

I wanted to eat something before work so I grabbed a quick yogurt and added frozen blueberries!

and at work I had soup

I was on my own for dinner tonight so I made some quick tuna:

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  1. OH MAN! I'm about to do level 2 for the first time. If you're on level 3, I better catch up so we can do it together when you and Johnny come up!! WHEN ARE YOU COMING UP BTW? Tomorrow? K. Thanks.