Sunday, January 17, 2010

I want to start a firm that combines delivering legal summons with dance choreography. I'll call it "You Got Served Twice".

By the time I got Johnny out of bed it was about 9:30 (I woke up at 7) so late breakfast was this:

(nonfat banana chocolate smoothie with two shots of espresso) 
and this!

(Reduced-Fat Turkey Bacon, Egg White Breakfast Sandwich)

I didn't realize the flash absolutely killed the picture, so here is another one that Johnny took of me eating said breakfast sandwich:

Ahh! That's a terribly flattering picture, right?

Lunch was the other half of last nights wrap!

I got home and wanted to try and make chocolate chip cookies with white flour substituted with whole wheat flour. Johnny helped <3

Twas a success!!
snack was this!

Artichoke hummus and rice works sea salt chips.
and dinner was this!

My dad's friend came back from Philadelphia today, so of course he brought us back philly cheesesteak... and I had to at least try a piece. I had about half of the sandwich pictured and all of the side (sauteed eggplant, onion, garlic, mushrooms, tomato, brussels sprouts and breadcrumbs. I put a few random whole wheat spiral pastas on the side but I fed them to the dog)

Woahhh, no cuss words in this post? Must be a holiday.

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  1. I want one of those cookies! Send me one! You totally stole my Starbucks smoothie! I forgive you! That pasta salad looks amazinnngg