Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Farmageddon, let the light in.

 I just realized I have no followers. Depressing.

Anyway, I go back to school Friday and I can't believe how fast winter break flew by. I'm looking forward to it because there's something about the Spring semester that is awesome, and I'm only going two days a week! Which means I only have 2 days of commuting to the city per week! *serious fistpump*
But... I hate the city (yes, the beloved New York City). I always have. I think I'm too anxious of a person to enjoy the city. I don't know why I assumed that going to a CUNY school would automatically  make me overcome my dislike for the city, or at least force me to tolerate it.

To me NYC is like dating a really obnoxious but incredibly attractive person. You try really really hard to love them and make it work but you want to hurl yourself off a bridge every time they come near you. And then you find out they were bangin' your best friend (dramatic!)

But I'll tolerate him for now because he is affordable and has a great masters program (heh).

Okay, enough of that.
We finally got bananas, and you know what that means!
Mothafuckin' smoothie time!!

(a banana, 2 teaspoons of instant coffee, two scoops of chocolate Metabolic Reset, a cup of ice, some skim milk and a teaspoon of peanut butter)
I also had a Wellbeing be-HOT Exercise Enhancing Turbopak)

My workout for today was 20 minutes on the cross-trainer, 20 minutes on the treadmill (jogging at 4.5 mph) and 1 hour of cardio pump (30 minutes of high & low impact cardio, 30 minutes of weight training)

When I got home I made this!

        I mutilated a loaf of multigrain bread attempting to cut a slice soo... some pieces had peanut butter and honey, and one piece had tomato sauce, cheddar cheese, sliced turkey, and cherry tomatoes. And then a mixed salad with Lite French dressing and some Lite creamy cesar.
I made some oatmeal to eat at work

(Rolled oats, chopped apple, pumpkin puree, honey and cinnamon)

Dinner was...

   tuna salad! uhhhhhmazing.
I was starving 2 hours later so I had this:

Are you doing anything good for Valentines day? What should I get my significant other? I have no idea :( blehhhh.


  1. I'm a follower!! I've just been swamped with beginning of school stuff and am just reading this post right now!! I FOLLOW I FOLLOW!

  2. PS I don't know what happened to your hair post. I saw it on my google reader but it's not here anymore. I like the first cut!