Thursday, February 4, 2010

Late post again, sorry.

I need to say this: I don't feel too terrible about my body. I think it's pretty okay. Doing good here :)
Good news, also, my weight has been stabilizing around 144-145, as opposed to 147-149, so hooray for me!

Breakfast was a small apple, a handful of Kashi Go Lean cereal and  aWellbeing be-HOT Exercise Enhancing Turbopak. (no picture, sorry!)

I went to the gym and did 1 hour of kickboxing, a 25 minute run on the treadmill (at 5.3 mph), and 25 minutes on the cross-trainer. 
I would have ran more but my shins were killing me. Actually, my entire body feels pretty sore/exhausted. But not in a "yay, I've been working out" way, more like a "maybe working out 7 hours a week isn't such an awesome idea".
Also, I love when people who barely work out (or don't work out at all) tell me that 6+ hours a week isn't that much and go "awwww why not!" when I say I'm taking a day off from working out. Like they're disappointed I haven't decided to camp out next to the treadmills. 
/end rant.

Tomato soup with chunks of eggplant and red pepper.


I also finished off the other half of my soup:

That looks pretty gross, actually. Not a fan of that shiny-looking stuff.
When I got home I had this:
Hummus with sea salt chips and some wheat thins

Dinner was:
Broccoli Rabe with turkey sausage, white beans and pasta

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