Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm getting lazy with this.

And I'm so sick of winter. 

egg on half of a whole wheat wrap with cheddar cheese, a slice of turkey and sliced tomato
Kettle Cooked potato chips

I had seriously been dying for some of these and after seriously contemplating their existence in my cabinet (thanks mom), I decided to get the fuck over it and have a small bowl. Worth it. 
On my way home from the Endocrinologist (sarcastic yay) I stopped at Starbucks for a strawberry banana smoothie w/green tea. 
Well... there was a smoothie in there at some point. 

I was planning on working out after my appointment but by the time I got home it was nearly time for work. Woe. 

Then I made this to eat at work:
Gardenburger veggie medley burger on a whole wheat wrap with tomato, ketchup, mustard and lettuce
Usually I'm really skeptical about overpriced veggie/vegan burgers but this was really really good and totally worth the money, just sayin.
Stuffed red pepper with some pasta on the side. 
Most excellent.

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