Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I just built a working catapult. It's designed as a chair, which tends to throw a lot of people.

Oh hellooooo! Long time no... food blog? Yeah.
I think the main reason I stopped food blogging for a bit was not only was it time consuming (and I am super lazy), but I was afraid of being pretentious. Or seeming pretentious. Which is crazy because I thoroughly enjoy  reading food blogs (especially Rebeccas, I read hers daily and enjoy it so much!) and think they are a fabulous concept. But I doubted my own food blogging, I guess. I think I have this person in my head that's constantly screaming WHO THE FUCK CARES and she's a pain in my ass.
WELL, I care about what I eat and I'm going to give this food blogging thing another go, and I hope I stick with it because it's a huge motivator and really helps me keep track of what I'm eating.


I guess I should give a quick update?
-I've still been losing weight and I'm hovering around 140 now (typically between 139-142). I like the fact that it's taken me around 3 years to lose 43 pounds because I know I've done it through lifestyle changes that ensure I'm not going to gain it back.
-I started working out daily. I don't go all out every day but I feel that it's important to get my butt moving for at least an hour every day. Right now I'm logging around 8-13 hours a week at the gym, including non-aerobic classes like yoga and pilates.
-I start the Undergraduate program in Speech Disorders at Mercy College in the fall. WOO!
-I am being weaned off Metformin after taking it for 4 years. Which is a really big deal to me! That means I've managed my weight enough to have control over my PCOS symptoms.

1 egg, 1 egg white, 1 medium tomato and 1/4 cup of oats with 1tsp of honey

More like BESTfast, amirite???

I then drank a gallon of coffee and headed off to the gym for 1 hour of kickboxing, 30 minutes on the cross-trainer and 30 minutes on the stair master.

Small whole wheat burrito (with black beans, brown rice, salsa, avocado and grilled chicken) lettuce and MORE SALSA (yay!)
I feel that shoving things I enjoy into a burrito is the best and easiest way to make a meal.

My after work snack:
It's a blurry nectarine because I absolutely could not get my camera to take a not awful picture (it was totally drinking Hennessy while I was at work) and I got fed up so there ya go.

Lasagna (made with whole wheat pasta, skim ricotta cheese, spinach, basil, garlic and tomato), garlic bread and some salad.

I should probably note that I began taking calcium and multivitamin supplements every day, although I won't be including pictures of them in my posts.

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